Customer Service: The Reason Micro-businesses can Match Up to Any Competitor

Small firms have a reputation for better customer service than their counterpart bigwigs. Perhaps it’s true that with a small client base you can dedicate more time to reach out to every customer.

And as always, reliable customer service remains a critical part of doing business. However, we still can’t gauge how it leads to a recognizable brand name. Excellent customer service will not directly boost your revenue as rumor has it out there.  Just a reminder; “customer service” is not merely assisting frustrated clients through their technical issues; instead, it is a complicated duty that entails a lot more.

What Does Customer Service Entail?

Anyone who responds to clients is a customer service representative. In Established companies, staff often pay less attention to customers and tend to engage in relatively low levels of communication. On the other hand, a majority of employees in micro-business offer some level of customer service. In fact, some of them work to provide 24 hours customer service and speak to customers on a day-to-day basis.

Small companies depend on customer service than established firms and here’s why:

It’s not just about Procedure

For small firms, offering customer service is not merely about protocol. Staying in touch with customers makes you master the art of dealing with clients— arguably the most important skill any business owner can possess. Because every industry has its audience, you need to know what your demographic thinks, the tone they respond to, their likes and dislikes, etc. Such info is difficult to acquire because you have to balance your tone, so you sound courteous, real and of help to the client.

Next, check the content of whatever you communicate with a customer. Choose wisely your words; they may be your career maker or breaker.

Only when you know the Problem will you Care

You must know the problems related to your industry and what the larger competitors are not offering.  It is this level of dedication to clients that explains why small businesses provide better customer care services. Large firms care more about the numbers most times paying less attention to the personal needs of the client.

Displaying genuine interest in your customers’ needs is essential because you cannot solve a problem that you do not understand its nature.

Pass on the Knowledge

Depending on the services or items you offer, it is always important to train your clients on the basics. You can come up with a basic training course based on your FAQs. Some services or products are better enjoyed if the service provider or seller stays in touch to give further coaching.

The bottom line

Your business needs customer service. You won’t be wasting you merchant cash advance bad credit if you spend some of it on augmenting your customer service.

Author bio: As an account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using alternative fundingsolutions. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has made him a merchant cash advance bad creditexpert at First American Merchant.